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Finding flow

I love experiencing flow and see this as my sign to go! So, what do I mean by flow? Flow is the experience of being fully present in the now with a sense of timing, without stress, or waiting. With everything happening in a nice pace of positive energy.

Today, for example, I decided to take a cab, if there would be one standing outside waiting. Thus, I hadn't called for any. Sometimes there are outside, sometimes there aren't, and sometimes they have only parked the car. And today, one was there, available at the very minute I approached. It was a little bit expensive, but nonetheless, it provided me with more time. After I was done with my errand, the bus came promptly to take me another route back, as desired. This becomes a confirmation of my decisions as being the right thing to do, and yet by my choosing.

Flow thus, is not having to deal with any obstacles, neither by others against you, or being witness of. Flow is also common to experience when we are creative and artistic. When we go all in, to our creation and let ourselves be led through the process with ease and joy. Such as when I'm dancing and writing. If not, I take heed of that.

Have you experienced flow?

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