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Fleeing persecution

When I was questioned by ICE-officer Weikel in Honolulu, HI 2011, he asked if I had any fear of being persecuted, like he does with everyone. I didn't really know what it meant to be, but we all assumed that could never happen in Sweden of course. However, upon my forced return to Sweden, I've realised that indeed I am.

It started summer 1999 when I had been unemployed for a while and had applied for social security. I had worked full time for several years as both an employed and freelancing copywriter, but grown weary and out of sorts with our industry and thus contemplated changing career in 1998. I was denied social security and forced to sell my computer and use that money to pay for my rent, including showing this with receipts first. I did for some 500 USD and was therethrough hindered from continuing working too. Nonetheless, I was denied. I appealed and lost my first round, whereupon I contacted our family attorney, who showed me how to write a better appeal by letting me come and work for him as a secretary for a couple of months. I won the next round. Yet, the social security office refused to honor the verdict and thus refused to pay out my entitled check. I went to the news with the whole story, that grew into becoming interviewed on TV about it together with the overseeing agency. A couple of days later, I received my money.

By fall 1999, I started taking classes at our new university in town with studentloan and came to continue until 2004 for a Master's degree in Workscience - a combined subject for human resources, organizational theory and sociology among others. I also took classes during summer and worked extra when I could, to not have to apply for any more social security.

Ten years later, I had been on sick-leave for a while but was suspected by that agency of cheating since I was blogging, which I wasn't and it never became any prosecution, yet I lost my benefit. Thus, I had to apply for welfare again. After several months of lying awake not knowing how to survive, I received some but too late to save my lease for my apartment, where I had lived for 9 years. I fought that in court too for a year, but to no avail. I felt chased by a spiritual darkness of a sorts, like a foreboding of how it would go for me, would I remain in Sweden. Luckily, the student loan agency had an offer to those not finished a degree which enabled me another year to finish it in Honolulu, where I also had been a semester in 2005 to grieve my mother and get clear about my identity, values and aspirations.

When I was deported in 2012, after battling that in court too, my nightmare came through. I've been both forced to put my laptop in the pawnshop by the social security office, as well as wrongfully accused of having a mental illness that I certainly don't have, chased by them since 2014 to submit me to a mental institution since I had expressed that if felt scary to be in an American prison without crime and attorney and been given the BOP number 13911-022 and this to them would constitute a psychosis, not PTSD. This even after I had shared that I made a report to the UNOHCHR in Geneva and their working groups made more interviews and come to the conclusion to recommend the United States to stop their arbitrary detentions of immigrants. Something for sure, Sweden as a whole should support. But not! Instead I've been both subjected to more stalking, copyright infringements and libel, which none has been tried, as well as silenced in the media. I have also won another time in my second round of appeal against the Swedish social security agency about rent - yet they never paid this out, again, which is why I have had to live in hostels. Is this their goal?

After being investigated by the Swedish police who together with the plaintiffs wrongfully deem me mentally insane with wrong facts on paper, I left and went first to Germany, back to Sweden a couple of weeks in 2019 to have my own case tried with a copied logo, which I didn't win but the company changed their packages and it. After that I fled to Portugal where I was allowed to remain for a little more than a year. Then I was extradited by Sweden through Interpol, claiming that they couldn't find me, although I still have the same phone number and e-mail addresses, as well as had put out my location on my Instagram photos and came voluntarily to the police station. The courts have still refused to acknowledge anything I've said and put me into a forensic psychiatric ward where I've been a little more than a year, although the prison sentence for e-mailing a threat is five months. And the real offenders are still not even investigated.

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