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For the glory?

How do we best solve conflicts? Due to the pending situation in Ukraine, I've been thinking about how we best can solve a conflict. An acquaintance of mine, mentioned "glory" as a purpose. This made me think of all the reasons behind a conflict, that often doesn't meet the eye, but rather is a secret stance.

Behind a conflict, can be an attempt to gain power, popularity or money. To prove a right over wrong. The motive can be anything from glory from others, to a self-imposed view of oneself, to jealousy, greed or any other belief in lack. Thus, also in conflict resolution, we must consider which needs aren't met, or what the reward is, that the opposing party is seeking. Can this become satisfied without an armed conflict? Can something become acknowledged and validated with respect, to ensure fair treatment? Or, as now, do men just want to fight?

So, to solve a conflict we must solve both the topic that we discuss, and the reason it is brought up. Do you have any of your own? Try to have a real dialogue.

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