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Freedom of choice

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Since God gave us humans our free will, it should together with the decree of loving our neighbor as ourselves, be enough to live by. There shouldn't be any harm done and we should all be allowing one another to really make our own choices. And respect them. So, why aren't we, as a collective society?

Most people live in dramas. Dramas are patterns in our relationships that point out unhealed and disturbed harmony stemming from our childhood. They are simply not aware of their own role, or don't want to change it. Most relationships have one dominant person and one being dominated. This can take turns in various areas, but nonetheless are how relationships really are formed. It takes a lot of inner work to be able to create something new. Something new from within ourselves, where we neither seek to dominate, nor be dominated, but perhaps protected.

By looking backwards, we can hopefully learn to distinguish our own patterns of behavior, how we have made decisions depending on what we were brought up to believe and/or wanted to rebel against. Eventually, we find our own starting point, our birth, and can lead ourselves through our evolution towards our actual desire to live a loving, caring and happy life. I think most dramas are ruled by Ego. However, we can also have glimpses of paradise, experiences of unconditional love, of Divine love, channelled through another human being.

To create something new, we need to dare to let go of our past and become consciously aware and present.

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