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Getting in shape

Many have thought of me as always in good shape, since I've always been very skinny. The truth of the matter is that I've been somewhat flexible and strong mentally, but have in fact been running on adrenaline. It's been a constant struggle for survival, literally, and stress, paired with an unstable upbringing and a senstive stomach for most of my life. I've simply eaten little, but often. I started eating bigger portions, when I lived in Germany, in order to endure the many hours of walking I had to do, to be able to get help with funds to pay for the night. Something, I also had to do part of the year in Portugal. I've never had to loose any weight, until now.

I gained about 20 kilos (40 lbs) these last two years, when I was locked up in Sweden, and thus couldn't get out to walk for more than about 20 minutes twice a day (in comparison to some 6 hours non-stop, while trying to remain calm and speak nicely to others in a different language than my own) and not even any yoga practice either last winter for a couple of months, after having surgery, plus menopause. So, it's not until now, that I finally live in an apartment on my own again, since 5 months, that I can really take better care of myself. And, walk for enjoying the beauty of nature and relaxation too, not just to rush. I've lost some kilos I think, thanks to walking more again and of course, dancing. I don't check the scales, just my size. Some of it is even better, like my upper body. I'd like to have a size medium but not large, but not small either, which I've mostly been.

I like this little hill as my practice, and was happy to note the other day, that I now can walk up it, with my slow focused breathing, without much effort. I've come to learn to breathe slow even when I need to do something with effort. I inhale for perhaps 4 steps and exhale for 4 steps, rather than breathing fast that most people do. It's an old trick of mine. Try it! It's both grounding and energizing! Other than that, I eat three meals per day and a snack, not any red meat but fish, chicken and vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free. At the moment, I'm not taking any vitamins, or any supplements, to see how I really feel, but have stocked up for fall. My greatest health tip though, is pomegranate juice. It's a real boost and good for my skin. And to always get my needed hours of sleep. I've even noticed that I sleep better, when I also have napped. One would think it would be the other way around, but for me it's a winding down that I need. My goal now, is to become in good shape, not driven by adrenaline, but for a good health.

What do you do, to get up that hill?

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