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God works through people

I believe in God and I believe that we can become influenced by Him, or even directed perhaps, just like the opposite can happen. I thought I'd share an example, where we confirmed this both.

When I lived in Frankfurt am Main, in Germany 2018-19, I didn't have any income after my grant was finished, so unfortunately I had to beg others to help me pay for my hostel, which at times raised the prices ridiculously, whenever there was a big fair or convention in town. A couple of times, I went to an international church and there one morning after not sleeping at all, I met a British woman named Annie. When I told her about my precarious situation, she shared with me in tears that she had felt a calling, an urge, to take out 100 euros and bring with her, but thinking that was a bit much to give to the church.

She gave them to me.

And I could pay what I owed the hostel and for two more nights, and buy some food.

Are you listening to Him and are you ready to serve when He calls you? This alone, can also be your purpose.

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