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Going steady

One of the most certain ways of exercising creativity, is to dare to look at something in the opposite way. That way, you are forced to rethink, re-evaluate and incorporate more views into your decision making, or simply your creative pursuits.

Today, when I was out walking, it struck me that since I have been very good at adapting to new environments and new people most of my life, (We moved a lot when I grew up and thus I had to change schools often.) I should probably practice going steady more. To more firmly stand my ground, and to dare to demand. Flexibility can be good at certain times, while firmness other times. This all depends on our values (what we hold as important and why) and the relationships we forge. Steadiness can of course also be practiced both in your personal life and in your profession.

Which lessons have you learned lately? What is the most lifegiving thing you can do to steady your course?

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