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Good memories

Good memories are like little treasures. While PTSD is about the impact of traumatic events, and its adjoining bad memories, we can always focus on the good ones as a way to counter our own misery. And while anxiety is a worry about the future, PTSD is a worry of something bad becoming repeated, or not processed enough. So, checking in on ourselves regularly, and our own thoughts, enable us to steer back onto our original path.

One of my own early memories, is about Turkey. I went there with only my father, while Mum stayed at home with my younger brother. I was about 5 years old and remember some things quite clearly. How I received gifts, like a stuffed white bunny that I named Osman, and an ABC pamphlet with some chewing gums by my Dad's acquaintances. I sat and played with this. I also remember going for a boat ride on a very blue lake, flanked by very white houses. And eating Baklava and Halva (cakes), which resurfaced both in Germany and in Portugal, when I came to live there. So to me, Turkey must be a good place.

Choosing to think of these positive memories, is providing me with healing, hope and comfort. All the talk about letting go of the past and not worry about the future, should be reframed to a new truth. It's good and relaxing sometimes, to dream a little and to remember what was good. We should instead embrace our past, and let our future lead us.

What can you recall?

Unfortunately, I had to let go of all my belongings, including all my photos, when I lost my apartment in 2009, wherefore I indeed, only have my own memories left, alongside what I own here and now.

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