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Good morning!

Snooze, you loose... is a common saying to foster success, by getting up directly when the alarm sounds off. While that is a strategy for self-discipline, it can become a total disaster for me. I even think I feel the best, when I go back into bed after breakfast to rest.

When I grew up, my mother understood that we needed breakfast as soon as we woke up in the morning, so we always had. I continued doing that after realising my blood sugar level became way too low, together with my low blood pressure, whenever I sleep in. So, physically speaking, it became a good way for me to first get up and eat something and then go back to bed to do some snoozing. Most of us become startled by the alarm clock, especially during the winter in Sweden when the sun doesn't rise until 9 am or so. This startling feels like a scare, something to become frightened by. And of course becomes more stress, in comparison to not have any alarm at all and just wake up on your own. During the years, I have, however, developed an ability to wake up before the alarm goes off, so that I actually snooze before. This prepares me for the alarm. And thus, I become less startled, less threatened and can rise slowly. Remember, our bodies respond to stress as a threat, regardless of the nature of the threat. Stress can make us feel threatened, or have its foundation in. So, during the weekends when I can sleep longer and feel really tired in need to, I like going up to eat first and then snuggle directly back under the covers. It becomes a sacred space for me to dream while I'm half awake, to plan and create, to decide what to wear, and to embrace my inner child with a hug from my Supercoach - plush bunny.

Even on an emotional soul-level, this makes a difference. Since it's said that our souls can leave our bodies during sleep, or part thereof, it should be evident that the morning must provide both harmony and security for it to land safely again.

Good morning!

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