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So, do I dare share what it is that I hate about others? Yes, I do!

I hate that many have much more readers and followers than I do, even though they lack both education, experience and creativity.

I hate that my personal realizations are being used as truths for others without neither referencing me properly, nor giving any personal examples themselves.

I especially hate that I am not listened to, and respected the way I am entitled to (just like everybody else) and given some honest answers.

And most of all, I hate that I have been refused both commenting, and being interviewed, about my own business and books, which consists of my own meetings and lessons.

And for this, I also hate the Swedish authorities, who refuse to really investigate and prosecute both copyright infringements, and stalking intrusions and thefts, besides failures to do their duty. All this, I have endured for more than eight years.

This is why I am at a standstill, besides awaiting dental implants, which so far has taken two years.

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