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Healing without children

For the last decade or so, I've believed that I would only be healed and successful, would I have children. But, at the same time, I haven't been living with anyone that could become their father, so I have been far from, and thus not really grieving it either. So much is, because of the narrative we are fostered by in society. I also made a new friend in Stockholm some years ago, through church, who too had no children of her own and had to undergo a treatment of psychosis. I prayed for her, and she became pregnant about a year later.

But, when I lived in Portugal 2019-20, beginning with my visit in 2015, I have come to experience that what I really needed was to reconnect with my own inner child.

I'm fairly certain that the majority of people in society, have children that they are projecting themselves onto, as if their solemn purpose is to heal the adult. I didn't want to become like that (as shared here). I would rather like to ensure, that children become their own individual.

Now instead, I feel almost a daily presence of my inner child. Most of all, I remember to be aware of taking her into account for most of my decisions and actions. This, I hope, is what real healing on a soul-level, is about.

What is it like for you? Have you overcome a deep fear stemming from a childhood trauma? How did you heal? Share if you want in a comment, or send me a message.

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