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Help! I'm getting fat!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Help! I've gained weight! I have a muffin top! I've been laughing my ass of lately, since I've gained weight. I have never in my life ever weighed this much. 70 kilos. That is about 150 lbs. Normally, I weigh about 55 kg, ie 125 lbs. (And I*m 167 cm/6.5 feet tall), without ever thinking about it and with a natural flat tummy. I have also turned 51, going on 52 years old, so it can of course simply be due to approaching menopause. However, I assume my bloated belly and wobbly thighs, are due to both eating differently, and walking a lot less than I normally do. Normally, I never take the bus, I just walk. (In Portugal, I walked off a couple of kilos after summer, just by walking.) But, since I've been sentenced to a psychiatric ward for more than a year in Sweden and partly not being able to eat how I normally do, no wonder.

The good news though is: Now, I can finally relate to other women! So many of my friends, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances, have expressed their concern about their own looks, so many times, for so many years, in so many circles, I have never known how to best empathize. How cold I guide them to look like me, when I have never looked like them? Now, however, I have to look into this. What should I eat less or more of and how? What can I do in my current circumstances? (I still dance and do yoga of course.). Interestingly, my stomach become flatter, when I eat more. So, maybe my looks aren't completely like others, also since I am gluten and lactose intolerant. Nonetheless, my increased cup-size is a welcome bonus and I'm glad that I can now also coach others about getting fit and loose weight, by experience. Do you look fat?

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