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Helped through Spirit

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

These last couple of weeks, I have noticed something peculiar. Right before I go to sleep, my upper lip itches a little. I have been thinking it must be my comforter laying on top of me, doing that, but at the same time it didn't make sense... The other thing this made me think of, is JD, an ICE-officer in Honolulu, HI, that I fancied, when I was there. He has a tiny little moustache on his upper lip. Is it him, calling me through spirit? In Hawaii, these things are quite common to think...

So, this morning, after taking my shower, I asked in spirit what he wanted. And immediately, I turned around to see my back in the mirror. Something I haven't done for probably at least a year, since I was in Portugal (and dressed in bikini). And right there on one side, is a huge, new birthmark. And immediately, I showed that to a nurse, who is going to get someone to look at it.

A real life-saver, I hope.

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