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Integrating our soul

Ever since I started out on my journey to heal my inner child, I have had many experiences with energies from the past, showing up again. What I mean by that, is that I can suddenly feel like I used to growing up, in a similar situation now as an adult, as if I was a child again. It's a little bit mysterious and not always easy to deal with. However, I take it has to do with the necessary integration of the part of ourselves that has been gone and now retrieved. We need to relive some things, without loosing it again. To bring it with us and let it evolve though our layers towards wholeness, to be able to raise ourselves to the next circle in the spiral.

Have you ever experienced something of the same? Have you done a soul retrieval after being through a trauma and then gained back the piece that has been lost? How did you deal with it? At first, I focused on healing my feminine side, then my masculine, and now my child side.

You can read more about my shamanic journeying here.

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