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Intuition and instincts

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

The first time I recognized having some kind of instincts about lurking danger in a large scale, was when Estonia sunk 1994. I was flying back to Stockholm after having been down south at a job-interview, when I suddenly felt an alertness and a worry, I usually don't have. It was also clear to me, that it wasn't imminent where I was, but a feeling that I needed to check on my loved ones. A similar thing happened 9/11, when I had a hunch and cancelled a meeting, even though I was feeling fine and had time. The man I was about to meet, a medium, also said he had the same hunch.

Other times, include getting sick to my stomach, when attacks are are about to happen some two-three days later, often some place where I know someone, or have visited myself. Usually, I can't foretell the location, but it does make sense to where, whenever I analyse my last doing/talking to, or posted about, on Facebook. It was also the same in 2003 and in 2007, for example, when I had two important performances, but fell ill in a way that haltered them. It would be easy to call it anxiety or stage freight, but the thing is, I love being on stage! I have taken acting classes growing up, as well as a class in presentation technique. Instead, my nausea and shaking, seem to be foretelling of gruesome attacks being planned.

It's like I'm being aimed at by someone, wanting me bad. Then shooting sprees become like a butterfly effect by evil aim. I call these premonition type vibes, an extension of my instincts, while my intuition is more perceived like guidance on my intentions and a high energy feeling. Intuition; a light vibe, instincts; a dark vibe. Naturally, I have contacted authorities about this too.

Can they stop it?

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