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Is Covid-19 a world conspiracy?

It started in 2010, when I first had gotten back to Hawaii and the sirens sound for a tsunami warning, that just haunted me. (The one in 2011, however was real, yet not as scary.) And it reminded me of how when I had returned the second time to Hawaii in December 2004, the big one struck Thailand and Sri Lanka, and I was told by an American friend how the Thai authorities had gotten a warning from the Hawaii Pacific Tsunami Center, but that they didn't want to scare the tourists... (as shared previously in my blog and first published book "The Call for Divine Mothering").

Fast forward to the summer of 2017 and the sirens sound again, but this time in Sweden, with false alarms, twice. Once in Stockholm where I heard it, and once in the town Jönköping, where both one of Hawaii Pacific University's teachers had been working on an expat exchange, and where a Swedish student come from, that I had met briefly in Honolulu.

Should there had been a siren sounding now because of the Covid19-virus? Or should it come later? And is even the Covid19-virus a plant to overthrow President Trump? It seems like that is exactly what Barack Obama wants, since he said that: "The goal of the pandemic is to create a global warning system." Alas, is the pandemic planned, with a goal?

Health is wealth and the only thing we need in order to create more global coherence, is communication, not sickness.

I just want to live in a normal home, without intrusion, and start working, whether as employed or start my own business. And discuss immigration detentions to lessen them, everywhere, beginning in the United States.

I am so grateful to feel in tune with Mother Earth through my body, so I can become naturally warned.

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