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"It's in our bones."

Do you know what Mana is? Is it true that it exists, the way it's described by Hawaiians?

Mana is a spiritual energy, life-force and personal power, that sits in our bones, our teeth, and our hair. This is one of the reasons why many people have long hair in Hawaii, because it displays a certain type of personal power, such as for Hula dancing. When it comes to respecting our ancestors, it's a common notion that we should be careful when we walk and use the ground for developments, because we don't know who lies buried underneath. And when it comes to having mana in our teeth, the word mana'o means personal opinion - sharing our power and energy through the words we speak. Can we then lose mana, or even have it taken from us? Here is some examples of parallel events in my life that has revolved around both:

In spring 2003, I was told that I had suddenly gotten 17 cavities in my teeth. Growing up, I had none, or very few, but did wear braces. But, all of a sudden I got 17? This same year, my Master's exam paper about The dialogue as a worktool for some professions at Malmo University was suddenly flunked, eventhough it was thoroughly worked through, with proper research, academic analysis, and guidance by a teacher, and I had received an A and become interviewed about the same, to my Bachelor's degree. It was also used by teachers in class and I held a couple of seminars about coaching as a new profession.

In fall 2004, I went to Hawaii and my life changed, especially in regards to understanding my self-worth, finding new perspectives on love, and not to mention, learning to dance Hula. The same winter, was the first time I had to undergo surgery, there, to remove an infected wisdom tooth.

In 2006, I suddenly fell ill at the same time, I asked to get surgery for fixing my teeth in Sweden, but was denied first. And in 2007, when I was going to perform with Hula on Sweden's Got Talent, I was crossed out before the song even started, as if to silence me. Again. It would take to the end of 2008, until I got surgery done, for several hours and now with much more severity to take care of, after writing my book The Keys to Paradise in Swedish. And it took until beginning of 2010, for me to get my upper bridge, after first becoming homeless, instead of receving a book contract or simply media coverage with a self-publishing deal.

In 2010, I was finally feeling well enough to pursue my path in the United States instead, wrapping it up in Hawaii first, I thought, to later continue on to San Francisco, after finishing my American degree and having translated and edited my book into English to become The Call for Divine Mothering ~ applying the keys to paradise. But come fall 2011, I was instead detained to become deported in 2012, whereupon the rest of my teeth deteriotated, However, I wrote my second book in English: The Call for Divine Fathering ~ flying with the feathers of the eagle. It was compiled and ready to be launched in 2014, after having done crowns and fixed the rest of my teeth, almost. But, instead of becoming interviewed about it, especially my report to the UN, and sell lots of books, to be able to return to the US and start my business, I was instead chased around Stockholm by powerplaying social security handlers pretending that I would have psyhosis, because I did't like getting the BOP number 13911-022 and sit incarcerated without criminal charge, attorney or conviction for almost a year. Would they not have become afraid?

In 2017, I had regained my bearings enough to get both my books another final edit and now launch them with media, but instead I found out that I had been even more plagiarised and subjected to libel in Swedish news by some famous woman, probably envious. At the same time, even having enough money to pay privately, the last part of my teeth never got done either, leading me to split Sweden for stays in Germany and Portugal instead 2018-20.

In 2020, my upper bridge came loose, and I had to get dental implants... but it would take until spring 2023 untll they were done. The first year of waiting, even with money enough to start the procedures, I was put in legal limbo by the Swedish authorities, refusing to update their census records forcing me to use a made up personal id number (!). Instead, I was sentenced in 2021 to forensic psychiatric care based on falsified facts, wrong assumptions and a likewise completely wrong diagnosis. Why would teeth issues paired with stomach upsets be a psychiatric illness?Again, an attempt by Swedish authorities to silence me? Because they don't like Hawaiian Hula dancing, copywriting fro advertising and career coaching? Or want to deny that my grandmother has endured German prisoncamps during WWII?

Now, this year is soon coming to a close, and I still haven't gotten an interview. What's up with that? I should have been sought after regardless. Neither, has my stalker been caught, interrogated and tried. I might have to redo my lower jar too, with implants next year, while I write on my third book: The Call for Divine Harmony - finding pearls of wisdom, but I certainly hope, I then can move to San Francisco!

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