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Learning by experience

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

How do you best learn things? Do you like reading, listening or watching someone sharing and then you either simply accept this as new knowledge, or apply it? Or do you dare trying things and then see if others also have had the same experience as you, even coming to a scientific conclusion about it? These two ways of learning is called deductive versa inductive and aren't only applicable as methods for research and studies, but also for our own lives.

When it comes to expressing your own insights and wisdom, these two ways can enable you to do that. Do you read a book first, and then try the method described? Or do you try a method on your own by experiment, and then if it works, you share that? I think there is a huge gap, or blur, in the spiritual self-help genre, that now with Google and social media sharing makes it increasingly more unclear what the source is. How can we as a society evolve, if we don't collectively dare to discuss and compare our findings, rather than just proclaim them as our own teachings. What do you do with what you read?

There is an old saying that defines wisdom as applied knowledge. It's the use of knowledge, I'm interested in. Where do you find your inspiration and what do you do with it? Very seldom is there anyone sharing this connection. There is perhaps a quick glance in an Instagram story, or a photo, of a book excerpt, but there are never any discussions! What do you think of what you read? Why do you think of it as good or less? What happened when you tried the prescribed method that someone showed you, or that you found in that book?

It's important to become aware of how your path to your conclusions went, especially online where we all become easily affected by what we see in a fast tempo. Try to describe your path. You saw this post.... and you thought and felt what? You compared it with your own life, something you have read before or have done yourself or just how you look. Then what is your opinion about this? Did you change over time? Does it depend on the situation and place you are in? What is your own experience? This, is how we learn.

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