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Letting nature take its course

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Nature has her own time. In Sweden, where our seasons are so tangible, it becomes a constant reminder to let nature take its course. To accept and allow what is happening in the bigger scheme of things, that we can't grasp, since we don't see the whole picture yet. In Sweden, the only tree that remains green all year round, are pine. Their scent is divine! Here standing next to a birch tree.

Letting nature take its course, can thus be translated into letting our own endeavours and efforts become more in tune with the seasons. To trust in the processes, we initiate. And use this to our advantage when we plan and create our own projects. To plant seeds of beginning in spring and let the harvest become the end in the fall.

My Mum had a favorite expression, that she used when she wanted to console me: "Everything has its own time." (Eccl. 3:1-8) And through this comes a surrender to a greater power. To God, and to Mother Earth.

What would you like to begin?

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