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Liberté, egalité, fraternité!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

These three words that my Dad taught me early, how he chanted them for us on May 1st and July 14th every year, to share our French heritage. Liberty, equality, brotherhood!

Yesterday, when I did laundry in Portugal, a man came in with a bundle of printed out pages that he was reading, while waiting to go to a dinner. He showed me the title and author - Pope Francis, on freedom, equality and brotherhood. According to him, freedom can only be experienced after getting into a high position in society.

I said, that freedom to me is to be able to choose: What to wear, what to eat, what to write and who to live with, which to me can become obstructed because of lack of money.

He countered with, that he thinks freedom rather is departing that way. I don't think so, since it rather to me often is taken for granted, or at least can not be understood, unless you have lost it first, similar to as with gratitude. And I also shared how people in Hawaii is creating "brotherhood" in their communities through aloha and nurturing an expansion of ohana (family). I also said, it's a bit funny that a republic want to strive for this, since a monarchy already is built on Christian values.

After I came home, I thought some more and realized it must be that his claim of the need to reach a certain position in society first, is in one way true, depending on authority. Not needing to answer to someone or be governed by. But, that also is the matter of taking responsibility and not to forget power struggles. Are we then as humans not fighting over power, but over freedom?

Today marks the "birthday" of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. A gift to the United States from France. More about my view on freedom can be found in my blog here and in the book "The Call for Divine Fathering ~ flying with the feathers of the eagle."

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