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Little gifts from Mother Nature

The other day, I saw a woodpecker! I've heard them a couple of times before, and was delighted to hear one again, after moving to my new apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Just as I wondered if I could see it, it showed itself to me in a picture-perfect way in a tree alongside the road. Obviously, I started looking for my phone in my purse, to snap a photo. By then, however, someone run passed me and the woodpecker had flown.

And today, I saw the most perfect little snowflake, completely rounded, formed like a little star, like this: *

landing on my glove. However, the same thing happened. It melted before I could get my camera out.

While walking home, I came to think of the movie Life of Pi about a photographer in search for a photo of a tiger. The lesson in the movie, as well as for me this week, is to relish the moment that is before you, rather than try to capture it. Little moments of beauty, in nature's own perfection. To keep and behold, in our hearts.

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