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Living in luxury

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

We weren't poor when I grew up, but sometimes I felt like we were. My parents, especially my Dad, were all about travelling. Every year we went some place, at least once. Therefore, we didn't have any color-TV and no car. In fact, neither of my parents got a driver's license until after I did! Likewise, I didn't always get the same amount for pocket money as many of my peers, for our field days and such.

My own struggle with money, have been a tendency to wishful thinking, that I will make more eventually. Now, since a couple of years, when I have been awarded a grant and thus have some more at once (but to live on for a longer time), it provides me with some space to feel and act with my money, more thoughtfully.

Sometimes, I do treat myself to something a little bit extra and herein lies a lifecoaching lesson. How can we otherwise thrive, if we don't overcome the mundane? To treat myself with something little, enables me to raise my bar, to attract better. More. And align with my true sense of worth. My goal has never been about becoming wealthy, but to live affluent without worry. To always have my needs met. It's a threat that has been very real. But, I need to dare.

How is your relationship with money? This is also something you can be coached about, to clarify, define and improve, towards your goals. Contact me here.

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