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Lost in translation?

After I had been in contact with the courts in Hawaii regarding my cases in 2013, I was suggested, and offered, to work as an interpreter between English and Swedish, if needed. It was also as a translator, I had decided to start working in San Francisco, thanks to being part of the Swedish Berkeley network at the university. I was thrilled to get a good paying assignment in 2011. Due to obstacles put in my way by Swedish authorities for the majority of years after I instead was removed, it would take me until 2021, until I could start working as one, through Upwork online. And, since I've also been in need of an interpreter both in Germany, where a Dutch church acquaintance helped me between English and German to get a restraining order against my stalker, and in Portugal, where a Danish interpreter helped through an extradition hearing, I see the need.

So, I'd be happy to help with any business negotiations, private applications, leases and court matters for any person, governmental entity, or business, between Swedish and US English. You can send me an e-mail or fill out the form here. I will honor both sides with equal respect and remain neutral.

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