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Making plans

Today, on my 53rd birthday, I hold my grandmother close to my heart and think of her, outside of WWII and the atrocities she had to endure. I think of how she must have had beautiful plans for her husband and her sons in Poland. How she must have had dreams and goals. How much she must have loved them. And how much that became destroyed by war. By other people.

I've encountered some people during this last decade in Sweden, who have been very belittling and downgrading, saying and watching me as a failure of the law of attraction and the so called manifesting of our goals. As if everything in this world and life, would just lay down at my feet, without any resistance or obstacles. Of course not. In fact, I've probably survived so well, after all, thanks to my manifesting and law of attraction abilities. My will to. But also, God's will. My humility to Him.

Can you imagine saying that to victims of war, that they must be deemed incompetent if they don't have millions of followers, make millions of dollars, and manifest their dreams? And those who seemingly do so, have they really come up with an original idea, gotten educated, and worked their way to realisation?

We make plans because it gives us hope. It gives us something to look forward to, and it helps us to be creative and produce things, hopefully taking us closer to our goals. Damned be those, who destroy others'!

I have a purpose, and I'm always on the path towards it.

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