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Meeting a deer

Since the snow has temporarily melted, and we've gotten milder weather, I set out to go for a walk in the woods today. When it's covered in snow, it's actually a little scary to go there, since there isn't any ploughing. I followed the string of lights, when I did, but nonetheless it's simply easier and nicer, when you actually can see the ground. After not being able to sleep properly for two nights in a row, and thus in need to sleep in instead, I was a bit stressed to make if before sunset. But, I did. As soon as I entered the forest, I saw a small deer jump in between the trees unexpectedly, passing a small field of grass. I continued my walk, feeling grateful.

After a while, I felt the now so familiar release and expansion with the energy here, breathing with mindful presence. Again, I found myself walking with a specific kind of pace and feeling. I noticed this, when I wanted to see a yellow butterfly and did, a couple of years ago. Simply, that if I could find this particular attunement, I would. And did! The same thing applies with meeting deers in the wild (especially without any fence inbetween). And there she was! Another deer appeared, and greeted me with a low sound, before it continued on its path. Then I realised: Is it me aligning with them, or is it their energy, that I'm sensing? Maybe, it's the latter. Nonetheless, as always, they're a beauty to behold!

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