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Merry Christmas!

There is no time of the year, that our behavioral patterns are so visible, then when it comes to how we manage Christmas. Most of the time, we do the same every year and most of the time how our parents want it, who of course also follow their own. But, how would you like it to be?

Christmas is an excellent practice of visualisation and creation. In Sweden, we celebrate if for three days, besides Lucia and Advent in preparation of, so we have plenty of time to both visit and be visited. Now is the time for you to plan it how you want it to be:

Do you want to go to church and if so when?

Do you want to celebrate it with your parents or your spouse's? Or by yourself?

Have you sent Christmas cards, whether digital or traditional paper?

What would you like to eat and when?

When do you exchange gifts and for how much?

What would you like to watch?

What do you want to wear?

Plan ahead, and share this plan with your loved ones ahead of the holidays. You will soon see how much more empowered you are to take the reins yourself! Now, let others share their plans and see how it matches yours or maybe not even at all. By daring to question how you spend your holiday, you now get some experience of how it is to design your life. Apply this on your everyday life and make conscious decisions, starting with how you fulfil your needs to your contentment. The reward is more peace, joy and happiness!

Don't know how? Contact me for a coaching session - the first one is for free!

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