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Mindful walking

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Since my New Year's resolution - theme - is to enforce a better posture, this also include how I walk. It all started in 2008, when I decided to walk barefoot down to the store, since it was very hot outside. I then realised how much more slow and carefully I had to put down my feet, in comparison to walking fast because of cold weather, or because of the hurry my Dad always have had. It also reminded me of the different walking exercises we sometimes do in dance practice, and in acting. How we enter and exit, and how we conduct ourselves across the floor. What if I could change my walk? And what if this change also can have a bearing on the footprints, I leave on Mother Earth?

In Hawaii, I was taught by my Kumu Hula, that we should indeed thread carefully, because we don't know who might lay buried underneath us. Therefore, this too aided my determination to change. And to also embrace a sense of femininity with softness.

Said and done! This too, is healing.

If you would like to do an exercise with walking, you can try this meditation practice.

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