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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I am having one of those days, where my grief comes to the surface and I simply feel. Today, I feel I miss the United States. The busyness, the pace, the talk (oh, the talk!), the sights and the friendliness of the people. Most of all, I miss who I am when I am there.

In the United States I have more space to be me. To be more, to be better, to even take up space with my body language more (No wonder, I need my Isadora Duncan dance practice with focus on solar plexus.) And there is this vibration in the sound of the language that I feel I can connect with better. Heart to heart. Perhaps for only a fleeting moment or days, weeks... that sometimes have become years.

We are a product of our environment, our culture and how much I try, I still find myself in the wrong pot when I'm in Sweden, and this time forced to be. (More about that in another blogpost.)

10 more months to go for the ban to be lifted!

Photo from Honolulu, HI 2010.

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