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My path to enlightenment

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

All my life, my Dad has always walked very fast. Add a mostly cold weather and a hurry, I did too. But, about 13 years ago, I decided to change and become my true self; Divine Higher self personified. I started to walk slower. Softer. More careful.

Thanks to learning how to dance Hawaiian Hula, I found a path to presence in my heart, and thanks to Isadora Duncan dance, I can reclaim my original way of expression on stage; the child's way.

Everything is about walking. In Hawaii, there is a belief that we need to step gently on the land, since we don't know who lies buried underneath us. And so, just like we need to leave smaller carbon footprints, and find our way to faith, we must learn how to walk again.

How do you walk?

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