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My pledge for 2023

What would you like? Quick! Just answer the question without overthinking. What is important for you to feel? What is it that you need more of, to guide you forward this coming year? Letting our intuition and instincts take the front seat, often provides us with an answer that really is resonating true on a deep level.

We can’t predict what is going to happen in our lives or when, which is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to reach goals or simply to keep a promise that we make on New Year’s Eve. As a life coach, I advocate to make a personal growth theme for the coming year instead.

Year 2022, I had Posture as my guiding light. To be more aware of how I sit, stand and walk to be less stressed. Now that this year is soon coming to an end in our planners, I try to evaluate how this personal growth theme has served me. I have become much more aware of my posture and how adjusting it can both help me present myself better and be able to feel more present in my body. Continuing to learn more Isadora Duncan dancing, has of course also really enabled me to claim my space. Which theme did you have and how did this work, or not, for you? What did you learn?

Next year… 2023, I’m going to pledge to let Enthusiasm be my guide. I want to feel enthusiastic about what I do and if I don’t, examine why, and see if I can make another choice. To enable me to fulfil this pledge, I will look into what naturally makes me feel enthusiastic and thus seek these type of opportunities and relationships, while I work towards fulfilling my goal: To move to San Francisco. I have also already taken some steps towards moving, by applying for a couple of jobs, looking into the best route for me, made some contacts and an estimated time schedule and budget.

Read more about making a personal growth theme here and here. You can also contact me for a series of coaching sessions to help you set, and fulfil your goals. Notebook from Kalenderkungen.

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