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Not ready to become a Mom?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Sex on Saturday, pop a pill on Sunday? It must be more than two decades ago, that abortion pills were introduced and gained popularity in Sweden. I had several girlfriends who used them, all content.

I would never.

I became against abortion after I misscarried once in 1995, and thus had started the process of pregnancy, although short. The process, not just a physical or intellectual reasoning response, but the emotional opening of creating a life. That was the turning point for me. It was also an abortion that my mother had, that became a deal breaker to my parents divorce in my teens. My mother, however, also made sure to put me on the pill already in High school.

With that said, I obviously think it's good that physicians can perform abortions for those subjected to rapes, to incest, and simply young women, or those terminally ill with high risk of transfering their disease to the baby.

But, listening to another girlfriend's irresponsible night out, well into her 30's, just doesn't cut it. Then perhaps a little invasive surgery would be better as a wake-up call. And this is simply the biologics of it all. Add thereto a layer of faith, and children seen as gifts from God, it makes it even more bad with the repeat use of abortion pills.

So, anyone need a signature for a pro-life petition? I'll be happy to!

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