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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

"Controversy invites passion and big opinions." (Chris Cuomo)

I guess it's not any surprise to anyone that the US election is coming up. The question is, who gets to vote and how does one choose what or who? And did you know that former convicted inmates are prohibited from voting even after their release? That's at least 6 million US citizens who are stopped from voting. Will then not their spouse and/or kids vote either? Which effect could this have on the results of the election, and not to mention, the actual meaning of democracy?

The media plays a crucial role since it's through the news and broadcasted debates, our opinions can change. What is said, travels fast and the majority approves what is said, since the reporter automatically becomes seen as an authority, especially when there are many followers. It's a most common thing to like and follow, just because others are. Can you see the danger in this?

How we understand the world and form our opinions are based on our upbringing, habit, experiences, education and relationships. I made a bullet list in the book "The Call for Divine Mothering" that you can use to scrutinize the media. Simply becoming more aware of their own agenda, will keep you less under their spell.

Decide what you think yourself about a few topics, such as the environment, education, taxes, immigration, healthcare or the like.

Then choose the candidate that is closest to your own opinion, or even vote for nobody, but still do vote! Some say it's a privilege. In Sweden it's a right. I think it's a responsibility as a citizen!

The US election also is a little like a wicked entertainment. Drinking my morning tea in this cup however, somehow makes it more enjoyable. I could cast my vote on the Turtles, if I had been a US citizen... The turtle is a common symbol for Hawaii with a spiritual symbolism of that of Mother Earth.

The teamug was a curbside find in Portugal and more facts about the media polarisation in the US here.

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