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Preparing for change

I have this tendency to want to work a lot on preparation, before I actually start living. I take it, it's my dance practices, acting and singing, growing up, that has shaped me this way. Then, everything is about rehearsing a lot, before taking stage. Simply, preparing.

These last couple of weeks, I've also been reminded about the unpredictability of making plans in advance, vs just going with the flow, since it's been a shifting weather like no other here in Sweden, with lots of both rain and sunshine during the days. I've been lucky to most often being able to adjust to the shifts accordingly with ease, to enjoy the sunshine, and only see the rain pour down, when I've gone back inside. It reminds me of the time when I escaped a huge wave coming up towards me on the beach-walk in Monte de Estoril in Portugal, during a late, dark evening in November 2020, while I was walking to the next train stop, directly above. I could sense it on its way, and jumped just when I felt it approaching, without even looking. It made a huge splash, yet I was completely dry. I'm so grateful for that sense of timing!

Life is also like this - a combination of steering away and waiting for the right moment, catching up, resting and preparing, before taking the next step.

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