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Pushing through

Yesterday, I've come to realise that I need to push through better. I was singing in a small choir, and we were doing some exercises for harmonies and scales, when I noticed how I didn't keep the tone all the way, and rather held back. It made me think of other occasions where I've done this. Either giving up prematurely or hesitating right before the finish line. Now, it can be wise sometimes, as well as a sign of exhaustion that needs to be managed and cared for, but overall, something has gone amiss. I've always been able to sing fully to the end, but that was some 15 years ago. I've become silenced and my voice has been taken.

Everything we do, can often be a metaphor for something bigger in our lives. What we believe in and how we act accordingly. Maybe I simply need to coach myself again. To discern any more situations where this can be a call for me to push through instead.

Which patterns can you see that you are in? Would you like to change them? With me as your sounding board, I can coach you through any change.

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