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Pushing through

I used to have a problem with finding my way. Even with maps in a city I've already been in, I tend to walk in the opposite direction first. However, since a couple of years, this is no longer a problem, after learning to trust my intuition more and in God. Well, so I thought...

A couple of weeks ago, when I was headed to see my physiotherapist in a suburb to Stockholm, I had also decided to get my microphone and camera restored in my laptop, at another place not too far from. But, instead, the whole expedition took an hour more to complete, forcing me to walk more than double the distance on a warm day. Afterwards, however, I realized something very important. I had pushed myself through a hurdle! My body had needed the exercise that I've been used to, but my pain stopped me, wherefore I had rested more, but that just increased my pain. The extra walking this day, trying to find my way paired with stress, became exactly what I needed help with.

What can you push yourself through?

Photo of a Hawaiian Kihei on my wall, a hand printed cloth that shows traditional symbols for navigation.

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