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Racial sensitivities

For the last couple of years, after feeling taken advantage of by Jenji Kohan and Peter Lenkov, who both seems to have used my content to their TV-series, without my permission, I've felt an emerging need to question whether they're doing this with some kind of self-righteous belief based in their Jewish identities or simply out of greed. When I was looking around to get a hold of their attorneys, I found that there also had been a Jewish investor behind the Netflix series "Orange is the new black". Is this, together with the fact that I did write to former President Obama in 2012 wondering if immigrants should be wearing any signs on their jackets too... the foundation of their work in the media? Did they think they were doing me a favor? Or did they assume a sense of entitlement based on being Jewish and thus having a past in the Holocaust, never to be questioned?

My grandmother also survived two German prison camps but was detained because of simply being a Polish woman with work capabilities. I have never received any special treatment because of, more than being silenced the last decade in Sweden. The point is, which I've also have experienced many years ago when I dated an African American guy in Honolulu, that much focus seems to be on our race, of being black, or Jewish, or what not. Have the fight to lessen discrimination with special services and offers to minorities, become a competition, so sought after that it always have to accompany any application to anything? Do we need to know the color of the skin, the religious views or any sexual preferences to discuss matters?

I believe this sensitivity in the United States must be transformed. If you don't want to be treated differently because you're black, gay or Jewish, then don't ask me to always consider that you are. I don't introduce myself by saying that I'm a straight, white woman - it's kind of obvious. To curbe racism, we must focus on creating a different culture, leadership and welcome everybody on the same premises - no favors, quotas or special considerations - but real mutual respect. Being human.

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