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Recapturing 2022

This passed year's successes:

* Continued working with translations online for Quality Unit through Upwork

* Had about 6 months of therapeutic conversations with a psychologist, concluding that all is about stress

* Participated in a couple of dance workshops with Isadora Duncan Dance teacher Lori Belilove online

* Practiced and perfected an old Hula choreography

* Practiced Qigong outside and Yoga inside, once a week

* Sold a couple of books to Japan, Canada and Luxembourg

* Kept my social media running and renewed the IG profile for Telluselle Living Center

* Found out that I have Malignt melanoma and underwent two surgeries and a scan for that

* Underwent surgery for my new dental implants with fastened screws

* Appealed the cases brought against me

* Reported copyright infringements and other things

* Found a renewed excitement for working as a copywriter again, besides life coach

Happy New Year!

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