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Reconciling religions

How do we combine wellness practices that have their origin in various fields of religion? Can one practice yoga and still pray the rosary? I do.

The way I look at religion, is from a spiritual point of view. I like to see God as the highest power over all religions and languages. Sometimes, we might just be using different names for the same phenomena or power. So, to me, God is the boss, the umbrella.

Underneath God, there are several recognized prophets, awakened masters, and saints, such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. To me, they are all on equal standing, and simply tell of various places and times in history.

When it comes to things like Mother Earth or Yin and Yang, they are impersonal and thus tell of the power inherent in the creation and its great phenomena.

So, wellness practices like yoga, qigong and meditation, are all to me, tools for my physical health and mental focus, for my life to improve and be a good person, and most of all, a way to understand myself and humanity.

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