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Refilling our cup

This past week has been heavy, with lots of technical issues, delays, and frustration. And not to mention my own and others' resistance. After a week like that, it's no wonder I feel a little empty and not so creative. Perhaps a little like having writer's block, but mostly a lack of needs getting met. Maslow talked of a hierarchy of needs, that some must be met, before others come into play, such as we need to have our basic needs met before we try to self-realize. This feels very true according to my own experience. Knowing this alone, makes way for more creativity to ensue.

One way to push through my own resistance is thus to tend to my needs of good food, sleep, exercise and fresh air. Another way, is a cool bypass of writer's block, to simply write about it. Simply writing it out, like we're tired or not know how to move forward, enable us to actually do. It's one of my favorite tricks! I also keep a list of things that I'd like to blog and write about, and things to do, to move forward towards my goals. Not only is it to remind me and getting them done, but a great motivator and focus to actually work on them.

And... my third book The Call for Divine Harmony - finding pearls of wisdom, is now edited and ready to order at Amazon and Kindle!

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