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Reset ritual

For the last 20 years or so, I've used my day of the week for doing laundry, to also clean my apartment and myself, as a way to also reset myself. I clear out the air and after I've wiped, vacuumed and mopped, I take a long shower and hop into a clean sweat suit. I sit down with a lit candle, and write in my gratitude journal and have a good meal, after also ensuring that I have the all the groceries I need for the next couple of days. All this, without being online, just focusing on the chores and myself, has made it possible to reset myself and feel prepared to take on more work, which I actually prefer to do on the weekends, since this is often when I can feel more relaxed and be focused, instead of being interrupted by authorities and so forth. There is no appointments or meetings to attend. Just a cleared desk, both literally and mentally, to enable me to create better. At least, If I also get to sleep my 9 hours of needed uninterrupted sleep. To me, sleep is the most essential resource for my health and I just hate when I'm being awakened by others. There is something very natural, grounded and sound, to go to sleep and wake up on your own, without stress. So, when others stop me on purpose, you can understand my irritation. Not to mention total disrespect of my needs and my health. So, Fridays, I take back control, and my bliss. And on Saturday, I go for a walk in the forest.

Do you have any particular practice you like to do, to reset yourself?

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