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Resting in Mother Earth's embrace

It was after I had returned from Hawaii my first year there in 2004-05 and spoke regularly with a Swedish minister as preparation for my baptism and for counselling, when I expressed my duality of faith and striving to connect the old ways of indigenous people with Christianity. We spoke about my mystical experiences that I tried to understand and my emotional closeness to nature, when Kent, my minister, said:

"Rather than just walking on earth, feel that the earth is carrying you."

And thus, my writing began to describe this journey.

I see it as God's creation that we are supposed to be stewards of, as well as nurture as our source. As a creative and poetic soul, I also find it to be the most abundant source of inspiration together with the Holy spirit that can channel through me.

It's about seeing all living things; plants, animals, trees, oceans and mountains, as indeed imbued with a living spirit that connect us all on the same level, but with different abilities and that we are in a constant relationship with. By acknowledging this source as an infinite power that we always need to bow down to, we can find our own place in this eco-system and see how we are welcomed into Mother Earth's embrace.

Find more about my journey with examples of my mystical experiences in the book: "The Call for Divine Mothering ~ applying the keys to Paradise", available both on Kindle and Amazon. The photo is showing a kind of Fern, a sacred plant in Hawaii.

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