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Saving to have

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

As part of my own Lifecoaching, I've worked much on dealing with money and safety, these last couple of years. One thing, that I have come to understand and appreciate more, is the feeling of having. To change my behavior in regards to how I spend money, I have also tried almost a full year to never be broke. And I have succeeded! What my trick is, is simply focusing on the feeling of being gifted something by my postponing use. To enjoy the lesser stress (Sometimes though, I can feel like I have to "get done and finish" even by eating chocolates.) and more comfort, that awaits me, resulting in feeling like I have more space. Room to choose. Having.

Like with any goal, it's a matter of probing into what our desired feeling is; what we would like to feel, and seeking ways to fulfil this. Defining our reward, enable us to open up for many more ways to reach our goals. All based in our real needs.

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