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Seeking protection

"Any rejection, is God's protection." (Oprah)

Anytime, we feel like we have ended up short, not getting what we believe to be our right to have (success, love, fame, fortune), there are several ways to alter the perspective, and see what good can come out of it instead. What is the opposite that can be found within a reality, we don't like?

As you can see, I don't have very many readers any longer. This can be explained by a variety of reasons: People tend to hang around Instagram and TikTok instead of reading blogs, my name hasn't been in the paper for several years due to libel by another author, whom I've accused of plagiarism, and perhaps because of where I'm living and not started up my business yet. I'm not going to lie, of course it sucks to not have as many followers as I wish. But the thing is, I actually don't want millions, if with this more hatred and stalking would come. I've already had my fair share of that, after performing Hula on Sweden's Got Talent in 2007. It became so many nasty comments, I had to get YouTube to remove the video! Do I want that again? No. But I do wish to sell a million books, but that is different. My goal is to have about 10 000 followers or so. This feels comfortable, and would hopefully constitute people, who really are interested in what I have to offer, who can become clients, co-workers or just readers.

Another factor, is my safety. Currently, I don't have a safe home, so how would I deal with a million followers and suddenly having to deal with a potential of a dozen stalkers and intruders, instead of just one, that the Swedish police haven't been able to apprehend yet. Even identified. I need to feel safe first, to have my foundation set, to be protected. And of course to get my dental implants first. Soon, I hope!

For more lifecoaching tips on how to transform a not wanted emotion to something positive, read my Transforming posts here.

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