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Self-love and self-care

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

To attract love, we must be love. To match what we want, we must become it. Thus, if we want to be treated a certain way, we must treat others the same, and ourselves. Or at least become aware and conscious about how we are amongst others, and alone.

When you are alone, you have the freedom to think, feel and do what you want. To better attract what you would like, who you'd like, you can benefit from raising your own self-love to ensure that you become treated in a good way. You must treat yourself this way!

We are all a bit broken from our childhood, and/or through the events we have faced so far. We are simply incapable to love perfectly or unconditionally. To not continue down a path of destruction, it's important to recognise our needs and see to treating ourselves well. To be kind to oneself, starting with basic things like sleep, food and outdoor walks, and how we conduct these things with love. We can also turn to God (or Source) to alleviate our longing and feel loved.

To be able to exercise self-love and self-care, we must learn self-compassion, which you can read more about here.

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