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Change is constant. One often talks about making a change, perhaps with a planned goal and decision to do something different. While we lead our lives this way, we still must remember to be awake to any shifting taking place around us.

People come and go. Seasons come and go. The most pertinent to see, is the coming and going of sunshine vs rain. Do we need to bring an umbrella or not? Will this affect my goal and how? Do I need to change something, or does it only require my agility and flexibility? How we understand this in the greater scheme of things, is how we create success for ourselves.

In the era of mindful presence, setting goals and achieving them, might even become put on the back burner because of our collective shifts. The pandemic and how we had to react, is an example. We need to be in constant reminder of our environment, and how this has an impact on us, as well as set out to steer our course towards the destination we seek. It's said that the journey is more important, but it isn't. It's the support of our environment that takes us there. I like seeing my surroundings and conditions as enablers. If they aren't providing me with smooth sailing and I face resistance, I take it as a call to move elsewhere or change my initiative, often becoming something greater. The challenge is to learn when the resistance should be fought and when it's Divinely inspired. Co-creation.

Are you reacting or acting?

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