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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

When I started to practice Qigong in 1995, I almost directly started to feel an annoying pain underneath my right shoulder blade, especially while meditating. My teacher, Master Marcus Bongart, told me that according to Chinese Medicine, that would be the spot for accumulated bad qi, as in being a spot for "trash". And it would be until just a couple of years ago, ie 25 years later, that the spot stopped hurting, and was stretched out with yoga. All tension released. But...

... two months ago, I noticed a new birthmark, pretty big, at that exact spot, noticing it after feeling a spiritual connection to someone in Honolulu. And today, I had it surgically removed at the hospital. I will get the results in about three weeks, whereupon perhaps more tissue needs to be removed, other treatments could be possible, or hopefully none.

The question is, how come it's in the same spot, unless it has a significance?

UPDATE 11/15/2022: It was Malignant melanoma, and it had spread to two lymph nodes in my armpit, that has now been removed. Awaiting an x-ray and an ultrasound scan to follow up.

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