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Trying therapies

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Have you ever gone to see a therapist? In Lifecoaching it's essential to discern between coaching and therapy, wherefore I thought I'd share the therapy I have gone to.

During 9th grade, I went to the school's counsellor regularly and even lived with her family for a month, to get out of my parents' arguing and divorce. I had also stayed at child's psychiatric ward when I was 11 years old, where I was found healthy.

As a grown up, I have been through a series of Hypnotherapy treatments, which facilitated inner journeys and a sense of empowerment to seek out the previous care and receive an apology.

After my mother passed away, I sought Grief counselling at church and therefore spoke to a minister regularly for a semester or so. That is the kind of therapy, I found most helpful to me.

I have also gone through Phobia-training to assist me when I go to a dentist. I don't think that helped at all, since my anxiety derives from PTSD. Instead I have found that it rather helps to be more mindfully present in the chair, since it isn't the dentist, but a previous trauma, affecting me.

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