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Speaking with feminine authority

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Something is amiss with Swedish women in politics. How long the hair, how tight the top, still don't constitute a feminine expression. Sacred feminine. The women representing various parties, all speak like men. Inequality embodied! I'm looking for a rolemodel, a leader not only by looks, but both in its essence and how they deliver.

What is it then to speak with feminine authority? It's to be grounded with an embrace that encompass our indifferences, a motherly care, an approach of softness, but still standing her ground.

One of the pitfalls of equality ambitions, is when the minority itself enforces its own discrimination, whether by gender, race or other, communicating the same in both values and how. Probably without even knowing.

What do you hear when you listen to female speakers? Do they sound like their male counterpart? Can this change? Is it the same in other countries?

Equality isn't about becoming the same, it's about respecting and living our equal worth based in our humanness, with our unique individual competence.

Only when women dare to be the opposite of men, we'll move forward.

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