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Spiritual influences

In Hawaii, there are some who believe that spirits can influence us. Since I myself, always have found this fascinating and exciting, I'm also open for this to be true, while also becoming a Christian, cemented with an adult baptism 2007, in Sweden. Let's break it down - we have:

God's spirit - The Holy Spirit - with a power greater than any of us have on our own and when we obey can be temporarily granted us, or including us in His power, for inspiration, guidance and support.

Our own spirit - Individual - with our own karma making and our own free will to exercise more or less patience, more or less compassion, develop creativity with and so forth.

Ancestral spirits - our beloved family, friends and teachers, that have passed on but can help us from above.

Hovering spirits - passed on people who haven't found peace and still linger around, trying to attach themselves onto any fitting human.

A way to describe these spirits at work, I think by my own experience, is through these examples: When I follow my own path and take the initiative myself and ask around for help with money to pay a hostel, regardless of if it's in Sweden, Germany or Portugal, I might strike up a good conversation and receive 2 euros or even 5 if I'm lucky. If I dare have patience, and at times follow a specific path, such as stick with one side of the road, head bent in a specific state of heart, I might receive 20 euros directly, or even more, in a more silent exchange, but later. It's like receiving grace every time. And as always, prayers are a good tool.

Then the question is, if the Devil too has a spirit? I hope I don't have to deal with it, and I do believe that often our societal systems, our governmental agencies, are fuller of evil than the common man, with little respect for life. Often, it's a matter of power, of taking power - authority - over others. Anytime we do this for our own self-fulfilment, we'll lose the inclusion in God's power. When we want to help others or simply include others with compassion, we'll be granted more power, together with God's.

Have you ever felt a difference? What do you believe in?

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