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Spread out!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Since there already were footsteps forging a shortcut across this lawn, naturally I followed suit. But as winter has it, most of it became covered up and remains icy at that same path. This made me wonder, if it's nature's way, or even God's way, to heal what has been trampled upon, since there already is another path made of asphalt, but slightly longer. If it's a way for the grass to recover underneath.

Then it occurred to me yesterday, that the lesson of Covid must be for us as humans, to spread out more, to not leave footprints so deep they can't be healed, which is what happens when many people follow each other. Sustainability and eco-friendly living might improve with de-urbanisation. Maybe people simply need to move out of the cities and into the land again. Back to becoming farmers and live small scale. What do you think?

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